Monday, March 28, 2016

Mark - 52 Weeks of Creativity

Mark - to mark something, to leave a mark,....
Another weakness of mine: buying stamps, but I hardly ever use them to leave marks on paper or fabric. When I do take them out, I enjoy playing with them, like with my newest aquisitions - stamps I bought at aweavers market.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Vienna - 52 Weeks of Creativity

Vienna, my hometown, has so much to offer, so many beautiful places. Hidden secrets but also interesting details to discover at one of the busiest markets - Naschmarkt:
 historical architecture,
musicians and their audience,
a wonderfull fleamarket, offering art and kitsch side by side,
a place to rest and
the memory of the most well known spice shop - now only the sign above the entrance reminds us of all the times when "special" treats were bought there.
And of course the main thing to be found on a market - vegetables!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Food - 52 Weeks of Creativity

For about two years now I try to eat primarily plantstrong.
Stumbling over the video "Forks over knives" litteraly changed the way I see food and the way I eat.
A very positive side effekt of no longer eating any kind of milk product and very little meat is that my allergy symptoms are nearly gone - a small price to pay for no longer having to take medication every day.
That does not necessarily mean that I do not eat meat now and then, when I am  a guest somewhere or I feel like it. You will hardly catch me saying "no" to a good burger or breaded fried liver!
And when I am travelling, I am eating everything that sounds interesting!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Yellow - 52 Weeks of Creativity

Yellow - the colour of light, of spring,

but also of the start of a ball of  wool I have spun some weeks ago:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sun - 52 Weeks of Creativity

Sun in winter is a very difficult theme for me. While we had a rather sunny winter till now, quite unusually for Vienna, as I am working I hardly notice it. The few sunny weekends we had I spent catching up with housework or hiding at home, as I have enough of people after a week in the office.
So you have to be satisfied with old photos:
 A sunset I will never forget: Key West
And a newer photo of some wool I am spinning right now. While the name of this dye job is Dragonseye it also reminds me of a sunset over the sea.

Yesterday was the first day of this winter, when I left the office at my regular "early" time  and it was still daylight! So maybe there will be some real sun for me soon.