Sunday, September 20, 2015

134 Kilometers of Happyness

Due to some "real life" happenings and mix-ups I took vacation at a time I did not want, canceled it, took shorter time off anyway and ended up very frustrated. Then there was a week arranged in January, where I wanted to go on a painting trip to Grado, which I ended up canceling.

What to do with that cherished week? Cancle it also? And then there were the Instagram Photos of a trip to London a friend and her daughter took. It's been 25 years since I last was in London. Without a  lot of thought I went online, booked a flight, looked for a hotel which fit my not existing budget but still fullfilled a minimum of expectations (near an underground station, free WiFi and reasonably good descriptions) and after canceling two bookings I finally found one near Earls Court.
Definitely the right place to arrive!
Over the next week I walked 134 km through London,
Old and new side by side.
and world known sights.
the mathematicians bridge.
 Inside the quad of Queens' College

a small part of the Cotswald's

 and Bath


The last two days I spent in London again:

  (need something crazy in your life - do this:)
 And then I discovered and fell in love with:
One of my last impressions before returning to Heathrow and home was this reflection of the sky. I think it very well sums up my experience.