Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hiking along a mystical path

Today I had a lovely hike in Kirchberg am Wechsel. A felt artists from that area initiated the so called "Filzwanderweg".
Signs like this lead you along a path through the woods, past felt exhibits designed and created both by artists, kindergarden kids, different schools and also the elderly living in Kirchberg.
An owl and different birds welcome you on a path past childrens stories
Signs of hope
and cherry trees full of fruit and vegetables (just in case the cherries don't keep).
Pupils from a school not only felted their school logo
and decorated the tree it is fixed to with 157 felted balls: 1 for every child in the school.
Other banners showed the wool of the different sheep races used in the project:
The artist who initiated the whole project, Isabella Scherabon, presented an installation showing the developement of the use of fiber in clothing.
Monika Tatrai used symbols of her heritage and combined it with a stag head for the local woods.
 Barbara Füreder built a home for insects and is looking forward to discover who will move in.
 Sorry for the fuzzy photos, there was just too little light in the wood to take photos freehand.
At the end of the hike a small but charming market waited for us, offering different felted goods, wool for knitting and some information about sheep and alpaka.
 I have to admit that my attention was captured by this charming but shy guy and especially:
this little cuty!
Do you want to go for a short hike (about 3,5 km) in a lovely area and discover some mystical felt art in the wood? Got to Kirchberg am Wechsel