Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday in.... Schönbrunn

For the first time this year I spent an afternoon in Schönbrunn. Trying to avoid the masses that took advantage of this sunny Sunday afternoon I chose a different path from the one I take usually.
Starting out in the Dessert house there was so much to see and observe, it was difficult to leave. Mums sitting on their eggs,
sleeping and
Busy flying somewhere else.
Lunchtime for the gophers.
 Flowers on the inside, but also outside, once I decided to leave and walk through the botanical garden.

Spring showing off all it's colours.
Meeting harmles wildlife on the way up the hill.
Passing the Nandus to visit the Giraffes in their new interim enclosure, while their home is modernised.
Oh, Spring, this is nearly too much perfection!
Yes, I think so too, so I decided to look on from inside!
And with a last look at the tulips I left Schönbrunn, filled with the colours and smells of Spring.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The dying bug

has bit me good!
 First try at dyeing for a project: Merino, tussah silk, linnen
 250 gr finished
everything finished - sorry, the camera needed the flash.
Saturdays result is lighter an more greenish than...
Sundays results, which turned out much darker/blackish. So I will split the lenghts and combine them to get a good mixture for knitting, but first I will spin my rainbow dye results.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A long time coming

Some things need time. Started in a rush and then left for time to be ripe for the finishing push.
In December 2012 I joined in sewing a mystery quilt Bonny Hunter published called Easy Street. I managed to finish the top and even designed a huge block for the back, as I did not have enough fabric for a solid quiltback.
Yesterday, more than two years later I finally added the strip around the block needed to bring it up to size, cleaned my entryway and pin basted this giant (2,20 m. x 2,20 m.).
Now the fun part: wrangling this monster under my machine. Gymnastics in the morning, strengh training in the afternoon - no need to go to the gym this Sunday.

Friday, April 3, 2015


 As I can not leave well enough alone I had to start dyeing wool as well.
 Turning my bathroom into a chemistry lab, I worked on the first dyeing lessons of an online class at the Academy of Quilting last Saturday.
Having taken cotton and silk dyeing classes from this teacher years before for my quiltfabrics, I am quite familiar with her teaching style.
Shopping for supplies, looking at techniques and materials used by other dyers and spinners gave me a lot of insight.

First of 5 lessons over I am not certain that this is something I will do more of after this course is over.