Sunday, January 4, 2015


Christmas and New Year, cold, wet, windy and snowy - and then finally a sunny day. Deep blue sky and sun reflecting from roofs - reason enough to get out and go for a walk. Not too far, just an for hour strolling around the neigborhood.

But look - traces of Christmas:
Trees form grafic webs against the sky,
nearly managing to distract from the golden churchspire.
The blinding sun forces the sight downwards, noticing details usually missed:

Then another tower glistening in the clear winter sun,
helping to notice others basking in the warmth:
Today it is grey, wet and cold again. What better way to warm up than yesterday's memories.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 - A Year In Review

2014 was a great year! I travelled a lot and all of it with wonderfull friends which made the experiences extra special.
January started out with a cruise through the Caribbean with my friends from Canada, where I snorkeled for the first time in life and took underwater photos.
February I could not find any photos but it is also the month I usually struggle the most with - grey, cold and seemingly no end to winter.
March was the start of spring and a friend and I celebrated it with a photo excursion to the Vienna zoo - a favourit place of ours.
April - hm, could not find any photos....
May brought a week in Croatia, painting in Porec, Rovijn and Piran and also a trip with my mum and sister to Mostviertel.
 June was also a month full of travel. I spent my birthday weekend painting in Wachau and also spent long weekends painting in Reichenau and Pöllau
July brought a  fun filled Sunday at an reenactment event at Vienna's Museum of Military History.
August - Vienna Zoo of course!
September I spent a week in Bad Ischl and it's surroundings - again painting.
October and November brougth another trip of a lifetime! A friend and I fullfilled our dreams of going to the International Quilt Festival in Houston which almost happened to take second seat to a visit at the NASA Space Center, Galveston beach and so much more.
We continued on driving to New Orleans, fun filled days with a steamboat ride on the Mississippi, visiting plantations, testing different drinks, specialities like poboys, gumbo and beignets but most special of all probably an excursion to the wetlands.
The end of our trip were 6 days spent in New York - an experience so huge, it is hard to remember it all.
December went by so quickly and was so full that all photos are 'just' I-phone photos on Instagram.
I am looking forward to 2015, curious what it will bring. While there will not be as many journeys I am certain the experiences will also be wonderfull.