Friday, October 31, 2014

Memories of Autumn

 Sunny autumn Sundays are rare and worth remembering.
Golden Trees,
 red berries,
 blue berries and
more red berries.
Red leaves,
reed grass,
 and yellow reflections in the still lake.
Tuck those memories safely away, to take them out when winter is long, dark and wet!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday in Rust

What could be more glorious than a sunny warm October Sunday in Burgenland? Sitting on a bench in the sun, looking out over Neusiedlersee.
 Looing at the boats,
 looking at the reeds and out over the water,
look closely - a bird!
 A swan, looking for food,
 no food?
 You want to take pictures without food?
Not with me! Goodby!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sunday in a Fairy Tale

Do you like fairy tales? Want to join me in visiting one? Then come on. See the castle in the distance?
To reach it, we have to take the ferry.
Let's check the lock. Do we need a key?
Oh, the door was open and we could just enter the courtyard.
 The black knight is keeping watch, ever ready to raise the alarm should enemies appear through the woods.
Laughing boars are assisting him, ready to spit hot oil at any attackers.
 This tower would offer us a good view over the surrounding country side,
but we better check the time and the weather. I think it is time to leave.
 Let's take this bridge which has suddenly appeared. Where did the ferry go?
 Walking on through the woods we reach the arena.
I'm still hearing echos of swordfights and thundering horses hoofs.
walking on, we see a temple in the distance, shimmering, vanishing before our eyes...
I'm afraid, we have to return to reality, so take a deep breath, tuck the memory of a magical walk through the fairy tale safely away to enjoy during the coming cold and dark winter days.