Friday, November 29, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photochallenge - Brown

 Brown - a memory of yesterday
or hope for tomorrow?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Painting again

 It's been quite some time since I have painted last but finally Albert has started classes at Boesner in Vienna again.As a warm up we stared with a view at houses somewhere in the south.
 When asked, I showed my course work from Venice and explained how we approached the motive, we worked 5 days with. Of course that resulted in repainting it in Albert's uniqe style. I do not quite like this result, but after such a long time not working with water and pigment and being caught up in the original I had painted in May, I definitely was not loose enough in my approach.
Working with the painting of someone else though - she brought a very schoollike painting of a scene in Prag and asked how she could do a much looser version of it - and working with indian ink in a combination of painting and drawing, I finally felt at home again.
 Back to watercolour again after lunchbreak and painting a typical scene from the wine producing areas of Austria - a row of winecellars. I quite like this one and have already framed it for hanging in my office.
The final painting of the day was a painting of birch tress in the winter. I was tired already and quite fighting with the negative painting of the fence in the foreground but all in all it was a successfull reentry into painting and I realised how much I had missed it.

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