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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Photomarathon 2013

Yesterday the 10th Photomarathon took place in Vienna. It was raining cats and dogs and I nearly gave up because conditions were so difficult especially during the morning hours, but in the end I pulled it off!
The first photo is always the starting number. OK, I admit, I am a nerd:
bunt / colorful
Drahtesel / "Wiredonkey"
(ab)gehoben / lifted up
an der Ringstraße / at Ringstraße
Das Abenteuer beginn vor der Tür / The adventure starts in front of the door
Ich wohne in der Stadt / I live in town
Papier / paper
unbekannt, aber sehenswert / unknown but worth seeing
flüssig / liquid (yeah, very funny!)

im zehnten... / in the tenth...

im Fokus / in focus
Ich bin für alles bereit / I am ready for everything
geradlinig / straight
typisch Wien(erisch) / typical Vienna
Augen zu und durch / eyes closed and through
aussergewöhnliche Architektur / exeptional architecture
Silhouetten /silhouettes
einmal anders / once differently
stromlos / without energy
im Untergrund / underground
verbunden / connected
Lichtermeer / sea of light
genervt / irritated
Abschied / farewell

Will I do it again next year? I think I'll have to give the same answer as I did last year: I have no idea! I am just too exhausted right now. I finished much earlier than I did last year, but with the rain I tried to finish quickly and the whole day felt hurried . Well, maybe next year I'll finally be able to relax? I'll see, for now I'll rest up and let my camera dry out.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photochallenge - Roses

Oh I love this theme! I could hardly decide which of my hundreds of roses I should show you:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Photochallenge - Mouse

Look what one can find on a sunny day in Vienna!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Just two more weeks and this year’s Photomarathon takes place! Though I was doubtful after finishing last year whether I would participate again, as soon as registration opened I signed up! I already have a great idea for the photo with my starting number: 42! OK, I admit, I'm a nerd :-)

When I received an invitation to participate in a 4 hrs. corse to prepare for the marathon I immediately signed up, as it also fits in with my attempts to make good photos for all the challenges I participate in.

A group of 14 eager photographers met yesterday afternoon for a "leisurely" stroll through a small part of the 9th district. Our teacher told as a lot about what the jurors are looking for and how to compose a catching photo. He suggested a theme and a meeting place and off we went. After each photo we showed him our choices and he offered feedback. We managed 14 themes in 4 hours and I was as exhausted as I remembered being last year! Fun!

 Lesson: Do not take photos of a grafity you like - it is not your picture! Add architecture, grass...
 Resting in Vienna
Lesson: Good choice, but pay attention to stay straight!
Lesson: Fill the format!
Full points!

Good choice!
Good choice!
Lesson: Good choice, but closer and fill the format.
Lesson: Again: NOT your idea!
Schilderwald (wood of signs)
Lesson: Good choice, but do NOT place a motive in the middle!
Lesson: Good choice, but bigger, FILL your format!
Good choice.
Oasis in town

Good choice.
Old Vienna
Lesson: Good choice, but DO NOT place your motive in the middle!!!!
Lesson: Good choice, but FILL YOUR FORMAT!

OK, two weeks to rest up and get better aquainted with my new camera and most importantly remember everything I learned yesterday.

Sunday, September 1, 2013