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Photochallenge - Dog - Doppelgänger

When I saw this dog on the public beach on Lido I just had to take a photo. He looks so much like my friends dog Felix! Right beside him sat two old men, who asked me in italian, why I took a photo of theire dog and I had to scratch together all the pieces of italian I remembered to explaine about this lovely dog in Vienna, who looked just like this. The way they looked at me, they must have thought that I had stayed in the sun a bit too long....

The August Break - Skyline

Monday, August 5, 2013

The August Break - Close Up

Today I picked two photos, as I just could not decide which one to pick.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Photochallenge - Art

My niece loves to bake and decorate cakes. I'm in awe of her creativity and love her different birthday cakes!
The last birthdaycake she artfully decoratetd was for me - the painter -
and her father - the handyman.

A different kind of "ART".

The August Break 2013 - Breakfast