Friday, October 26, 2012


Another chance to take a watercolor painting class I took at literally the last moment. First we painted Heldenplatz in Vienna, though for me the rider in front not only looks in the wrong direction but also looks a lot more like Don Quichote than Prinz Eugen!
Painting something I have not yet seen is always difficult. While I have been in Rome more than 20 years ago, this view is something I could not relate to. Just looking at this painting I see and feel how I have struggled with the motive, not daring to "just paint something" but trying to recreate something I had no way of doing.
The same thing happened with trying to paint Akropolis, thought in this case I just tried to paint part of a temple and greenery. Here I was also fighting the paper, which just eats up the color as long as it is wet and I did not take the time to wait for it to dry.
The same motive in indian ink which turned out a little bit better.

So much to learn still....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

51 Photos - Stop

Stop! Take time to dangle your feet in the cool mountain lake,.. the butterflies....
and smell the roses! Life is over so fast.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

51 Photos - Decline

The Photomarathon gives me a huge new pool of photos to choose from. The above one fits two themes: decay and wooden. While I did not choose it as an entry for the marathon, I love it for this weeks theme.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grado 2012

As I did the last two years, I spent the first week of September in Grado again. We visited old, familiar places but also new ones.
On our first painting day we went into the center of the old town and painted the same sunny scene we painted last year:
After lunch we took the boat to Barbana, a lovely tiny island in the laguna with a church dedicated to Maria.
The second day started out in Palmanova, where a market was held in the city center:
After a wonderfull lunch in San Daniele we painted the town (have I ever told you how much I hate hills?)
The third day we painted at the harbour. While I fortified myself with coffe after a frustrating painting experience, the wind blew my painting into the water and it was saved by the heroic effort of my friends and a luckily arriving boat producing waves, which brought the painting back so it could be reached.
The afternoon was spent at the harbor as well, I chose to draw instead of paint:

Wednesday morning we painted a view over the laguna, at a place where we went during my first trip to Grado (underpainting by me, the rest was painted by my professor).

The afternoon was spent at Aquilea, the less said about our painting efforts there, the better :-)
Thursday morning we visited the old town again:
The afternoon took us to Duino, but this time to the other end of Rilke Weg where we hoped to be able to paint Triest in the distance, but ended up painting sky and water impressions as we could hardly see Triest.
Friday morning we visited the little fisher village where we were serenaded so lovely last year (again a lot of help from my professor in this one):
The end of our trip: one last fishingboat in the harbour in town:
Looking back I am quite satisfied with the results.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Last weekend I decided to join a large number of photographers at the ninth photomarathon in Vienna. The challenge was to make 24 (25 - the first one is the starting number)  photos in 12 hours fitting given themes in the given order.

While not all of my photos turned out as I wanted them and I was absolutely exhausted in the evening, I loved the experience and am rather proud of my results.
Samstags in Wien / Saturday in Vienna
aus der Reihe tanzen / dancing out of line
süß / sweet
Am Naschmarkt  (I decided to go behind the market)
Jugendstil / Art Nouveau
Kaufrausch / shopping binge (sorry the wordplay does not really translate)
Hinter Gittern / behind bars
Wien - gestern und heute / Vienna - yesterday and today
Ziegel(rot) / brick(red)
Salzburgs Spuren in Wien / Traces of Salzburg in Vienna
Ich bin dann mal weg / I'm gone
Augenblick / Moment
unvergesslich / unforgettable
Verfall/ decay
hölzern (aus Holz) / wooden (made out of wood)
offen / open
vernetzt / networked
Altstadt / historical town
Wind(still) / wind(less)
Brücke / bridge
gemeinsam / together
Strahlen(d) / glowing
im Dunkeln / in the dark
Will I do it again next year? Well, let's say it's a good thing there is a whole year to think about it!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

51 Photos - Technology

Reading this weeks theme immediately my brain started to work, thinking where I could go to take a photo of some super futuristic technological thing. Then I remembered a photo I took this summer when walking around Lake Altausee: old technology but what a step forward at the time!