Thursday, March 29, 2012

51 Photos - Water

What I love most about doing these assignments is that they make me look at my surroundings differently, to pay attention. So every moment spent outside is lived much more consciously.
No matter if it is a visit to the zoo for sketching,
a sunday afternoon stroll with my mother, or...
walking home from the office in wonderfull spring weather. There is water everywhere!

Friday, March 23, 2012

51 Photos - Urban

I admit it would have been easy to take another picture of the building site I live next to (do I start to sound paranoid? :-) ) but I wanted to show a nicer side of living in an urban area. Every day when driving to work I stop by a trafic light, where the street is divided by a strip planted with rose bushes. While it is too early for them to bloom, traces of spring can be dedected rather early and I watch their developement with eagle eyes till the day even I am convinced: yes, spring is coming again this year.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I spy....

A cat: An owl:

A deer:
Oh, how I love nature!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

51 Photos - Playing Catch Up

Life, the Universe and everything... Long days in the office and a drawing class last weekend pushed everything else aside. Finally a weekend for myself, a long walk in the sun with my mother and piecing my Dear Jane Quilt restored energy for other things as well.

Playing catch up with the Photochallenge is on top of my list. Taste made me think a lot. The first strawberries I enjoy every year, the burger I ate in the company of a friend, both of us flying high on creativity after visiting an exhibition of works by Klimt and Hoffmann, the "bad taste" of building a house on the other side of the street, robbing me of all the sun I have enjoyed for more than 20 years in my flat....Yesterday evening, shoping for food for the weekend, I just had to get this little package of seeds. Though I swore to myself after the season of trying to grow my own vegetables and again last autum after clearing away my window sill salad (and catching millions of teeny tiny flies which lived in the soil for weeks) never ever to have anything to do with growing stuff - except orchids - I can already taste the basilicum in salads, soups and sugos.

Blue was sort of a no brainer yesterday! The sky was the most marvelous blue, the trees drawing patterns against the sky, the sun warm enough to rest for a bit and listen to birds.

The new theme round is also fun. Last week when waiting for the museum, where the drawing class was held, to open, I took photos of the crowned lanterns, not knowing that they would fit this weeks theme. Yesterday the trees which had been felled during the last weeks of winter also offered ample food for this theme. Decissions, decissions.....