Thursday, January 26, 2012

51 Photos - Feelings

January is the time of year, which I probably like least. It is cold, dark and winter seems endless. Before christmas there is all that pre holidays business, meeting friends, making or buying presents, christmas markets and much more. But once all that is over, there is just a long, cold and dark winter in front of me. So with this weeks theme "feelings" I thought about that bleakness and how to translate it into a photo. Sitting at home tonight, going through a sketchbook I started in Blevedere and sitting on the couch wraped in a blanket sketching I thought that this activity is one that makes me happy.

So I chose happiness as my feeling and tried to capture this with photos of my sketches.
From top to bottom: Egon Schiele: 4 trees, sketch from an online class with Alisa Burke, (Sketchbook delight), Sketch from a character head by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt

Friday, January 20, 2012

51 Photos - Details

This weeks theme - details - immediately made me think about makro photography. Getting close up and personal with a motive, picking out a little piece of the whole. Thinking about which motive to choose left me feeling unsatisfied. I knew time was running out as I originally planned to attend an oil painting class this weekend which would not leave me any free time. To my great disappointment it has been canceled in the meantime :-(.

Then I remembered a class I took years ago - and thus my first joker is put on the table - and a photo I took there which at that time I have even shown on my blog:At the time (Nov. 09) Albertina, a famous museum of graphic art, had an exhibition about Impressionists and how light got onto the canvas. One of the exercises we did was taking pictures with one hole cameras: black cardboard boxes with a tiny hole in one side. We went outside, chose a motive (in my case I put the box on the ground, pointing it up into a tree) removed the cover over the pin sized hole, allowing light to reach the photo paper we had put into the box in the darkroom, cover the hole again and then developed the photo. Quite a difference to how we take photos in the 21st century!

But just click on the photo and look at the details I still managed to capture - you can even see the buds for next years foliage.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

51 Photos - Glas

When talking with a friend last week we talked about our creative habits and she told me about a photo challenge her daughter has on her blog. Every week she posts a theme and you have one week to blog a photo and link it to here blog, if you want.

As I want to get my brain moving and working on ideas a lot more and not just wallow in "but I am so tired tonight", I decided that that was I challenge I want to join and as I have some hours still for this weeks theme: glass

what is easier than taking photos of my glass of wine I am sipping while waiting for lunch to finish cooking. It also gives me a chance (reason :-)) to finally get to know my new camera better.
Why do I call this entry 51 photos? Well, I've missed the first week already, but better late than never!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Online again!

After weeks of fighting with a very slow internet connection and a couple of days with hardly any signal at all, a technician of my provider hopefully found the problem and I am online again. When cleaning and sorting my painting and drawing stuff before New Year, I discovered some paintings and drawings, I have not shown yet.

During the last watercolor class I took last year we painted Vienna's State Opera. Years ago I attended EVERY ballet performance, was more at home there than at home. At that time my love of photography started and I even developed the bw photos I took there myself. 25 years later it was difficult for me to paint a building from memory, I spent so much time in, still visit for opera and ballet performances and pass by very often.
Painting a row of wine cellars was much easier, as I just painted from phantasy and was not caught up in trying to capture a likeness.
Perspective - ouch, I really missed it with those boats :-)So what happens, when I am frustrated with watercolor - back to drawing of course. Unfinished but I still like it.

In November I spent a weekend in Graz at a life drawing class. I still have not taken all sketches out of my map, so just two sketches, maybe I'll show more later.
This one I am thinking of having framed, though she is much too big in the shoulder area and I should (that is something I might correct) have lenghtend the darkness underneath her foot a bit, to give more balance.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Orca Bay &Top

Oh, what a gorgeous quilt Bonnie gave us!
I had cought up with piecing half the blocks every step asked for on the evening of the 31st and actually planned on cleaning up my sewing space (living room) on Jan. 1st as I expect guests today and have to do a thorough cleaning after sewing and crafting for weeks. But when I saw how wonderfull Orca Bay looked I just could not help myself and had to start piecing the top. I needed to make some more blue and red parts, so I could finish the last row but I just had to do it. I finished around 10 and then just grabbed all the sewing stuff and dumped it into my bedroom - which now looks as if a bomb had gone off...

Instead of starting to clean I just had to take a picture this morning. I think with the border added (boy do I need more parts for that!) it will be a wonderfull quilt for my living room couch to snuggle under while knitting or reading. Flannel backing?

Bonnie, thank you so much for all your work and lovely ideas you so generously share with us!