Monday, November 28, 2011

Orca Bay

Up till now this blog has mostly dealt with my drawing and painting experience with a little gardening and knitting thrown in. It is time to take care of the quilting part. Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville's Quips & Snips offeres a new Mystery Quilt to follow along and I have decided to join in.
As Bonnies quilts tend to be on the larger side :-) I have decided to start out with half the units in every step and decide after the reveiling, how many more I have to make (or how many to put back into my scrap box(es). I want to end up with a nice twin size quilt.112 black and white hour glass blocks for part 1,
and 72 blue string blocks later, I am ready for part 3, which will hit newsstands - no Bonnie's blog on Friday.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Waldviertel 2011

Two years ago the Weekend in Waldviertel was my first painting trip with Albert Hoffmann. Though finances did not really allow participating in this years trip and I could not get the necessary vacation days at work, I just had join for Saturday and Sunday. We had just returned from Grado, I felt that I had made a major step forward with watercolor and just needed to press on.
The above painting is of a little chapel "Chapel 19" in Merkenbrechts, which today is part of a huge army training area. As it lies in the outskirts, people are still allowed there as long as no trainings take place but "photography and drawing is forbidden". So instructions were: if someone official comes by asking what we are doing: we are PAINTING and that is not forbidden!

Merkenbrechts itself is a typical little village in Waldviertel with the farmbuildings arranged around the village green and the water reservoir for the firefighters. While the little lake would offer a lovely motive we decided to paint the old farm buildings and the little gardens with their picket fences (not white!) in front. Chapel 19 and this village square are two of my most successfull paintings till now. I like them even better than my work in Grado.
The last painting of the day was a motive we did two years ago as well an no, I will not post the first one. While it is OK, I do not like it as much as the first two paintings of the day.

On Sunday we drove to another villag offering a 'castle' at a lake, but the watercolor painting I did, I consider a spectacular failiure.

We then drove into the village to draw the other side of the 'castle' and as I tend to do, when frustrated with watercolor I returned to drawing, trying to remember everything Albert taught me about creating interest with crosshatching. While not the most successfull drawing, I still like it and learned a lot from doing it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Studio Work

As the weather is no longer tempting to stay outside for longer times, it is time to bring all the inspiration collected during summer and work inside. A studio class with Albert Hoffmann working with ink and watercolor was fun and I love the results.

The view from the upper Belvedere to the lower Belvedere and St. Stephens Cathedral in the back, Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg off in the distance,... a view I have enjoyed many times. Having spent so much time in Venice this year I brought some photos to class and using them and our memories Maria Della Salute took form on paper:
And to finish of a productive day I spent some time with the sketch of a Venice canal.

I wish it was spring again, but until then - memories and drawing them - have to be enough.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The end of Grado

The last day we went to the harbour again, which also offers endless motives.

After a week of working in watercolour I needed a brake and went back to drawing. I love how this turned out.
That's it for this year. I'm looking forward to next September already!