Thursday, September 8, 2011

Torcello and Verona

Murano, Burano,... everybody knows (of) those islands but have you been to Torcello yet? It is one of the smaller islands in the laguna and you have to switch vaporettos on Burano. The little old church greets you when you walk along the canal and pass devils bridge.
And then there is the basilica with its wonderfull mosaiks. I did not even try to capture the big one above where I chose to sit and draw towards the front of the church.
Another trip took me a bit further away from Venice. An hour on the train brought me to Verona. Forget about Romeo and Julia - give me the arena anytime. To be able to attend an opera there must be a dream.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Venice canals

Trying to keep out of the busiest parts of Venice I found so many places where I could capture the quiet, the romantic side of Venice. Bridges and canals wherever one looks.
August in Venice is hot, hot, hot. The main problem with sketching was finding shadow and a place to sit. When the tide was low I would find steps down into the canal where I could sit and draw along the canal.
Or I would find a little bar with an open window out to the world, where I could sit, sip a Spritz and draw the vegetable vendor on his boat.