Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Weeks in Venice

Usually I try to avoid school holidays when taking vaccation and try to use my vaccation for painting trips. This year my boss wanted me to take the major part of my vaccation during his 5 week trip around the world with his family, so I decided to go on vaccation for 4 weeks and spent three of them in Venice, attending a language class and sketching.

I stayed on Guidecca, an island opposite the main part of Venice, which was very nice and quiet, out of the way of most of the tourists. It also afforded me a lovely view of Zattere, a church at the bank of the Guidecca canal (which all the huge cruise ships visiting Venice use). On the day I arrived I had some time to spend before I could check into the monestery I was staying at and treated myself to lunch in a restaurant - something I only did a few times, as restaurants in Venice are "molto caro". It also gave me the chance to get used to the slower pace of Venice and an opportunity for the above sketch (copic multiliner 0,3 and my pocket Daler Rowney WC set in a journal with rather slick paper).Some days later I gave it another try, this time with a pentel pocket brush , which I felt very uncomfortable using in my usual sketchbook. I think the paper is too rough and I not calm enough to get a reasonable line. I did not use it again during my vaccation.
This last sketch I did with the rotring Artpen and ink in a Venezia Sketchbook, using a waterbrush for the shadows.

Looking at them side by side I like the first one most. For me it shows all the enthusiasm and joy of this adventure. The last one shows three weeks practice and 'knowledge' of the building.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy Christmas Tree Skirt

For many years I dreamed of making a christmas tree skirt, whenever I put a white sheet underneath my christmastree after decorating it. Two or three years ago I finally started to piece a crazy christmas tree skirt, which I finally fished last year.
This June I had to stay at home for two weeks after having my gall bladder removed and as I was not able to do too mich I decided to finally start the embroidery part on my christmas tree skirt.
As I only used white / cream / light brown / gold fabrics, I decided to stay in this color range for the embroidery (of course only AFTER finishing a seam treatment with purple.... - it will stay in!).
I get all my inspiration from Sharon of Pin Tangle , she offers such rich inspiration and detailed explanations, a truely wonderfull resource. I have just started my second online class with her (sumptious surface embroidery) and love every minute of it.