Sunday, November 28, 2010

Graphic class

The last class I took was all about perspective and color. I took some of the sample sketches we did to show rules of perspective and drew them with indian ink and watercolor.Trying to capture perspective of Kärntner Straße as it used to be ages ago is always fun, even if it turns out wrong (one could never see St. Stephens Cathedral this way as it is much further to the right behind the buildings.).
Venice: Again the bridge is much too high as I tend to draw them. I wish I could go to Venice to spend some time sketching and drawing!
This one I like best of all. Line and color come together to create depth and relationships.

I have so much fun doing these drawings/paintings, much more than with pure watercolor.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Market Sketches

About a week after retourning from Grado I drove to Graz for a class in sketching at the farmers market.
While the rain helped the vegetables look wonderfully fresh and I would have loved to spend the morning shopping, it was not so great for sketching and we decided to take as many photos as possible in an hour and then work in a studio.
Working from the images on the screen of a laptop gave us more time with each image though we tried to finish in about 15 minutes with each sketch.
I love the way my sketches turned out, quick studies of old ladies doing their shoping for the week,
choosing vegetables,
spending some minutes catching up with people met.