Sunday, October 24, 2010


Our last day in Grado was started with a critique session of our paintings. Afterwards we set of to Duino, where we set off on "Rilke Weg" a path along the coast which offers a wonderfull view of Duino castle in one direction and towards Mirarmare (though far off) in the other direction.

Albert challenged us to paint the rock and the castle with negative painting, which did work with the castle but I somehow lost the rock it sits on. To be honest, I was exhausted and not very motivated to paint, which can be seen in the result.
Even worse is the second painting of the day, which I did after lunch (and I was the only one who did a second painting). This time Albert did not do a painting first, so I had to find my way on my own, which immediately showed my weakness: how do I start. Well, no one said that painting watercolor is easy, and there is a long way to go yet.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grado 5

The rain was gone and we spent the morning on a hill above the laguna, painting the view and a chapell nearby.

After a picknick lunch we drove on to another part of the laguna with small islands a little bit off the coast.
On this island an older woman named "Katharina" lives, working as a fisher. The little added structure to the left - that's the outhouse! The owner of our hotel told us her story, as his family originally owned the neighbouring island.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grado 4

On wednesday we woke to a wet and windy day but being the eternal optimists we set of to the island of Barbana, which is home to a church dedicated to Mary. The ferry was filled to overflowing and too late we realized that not just because of the threatening rain this might not have been such a good idea but because it was Mary's birthday and Italians celebrate this holiday by going to church.

On our arrival at the island we just had about 10 minutes time to try to capture the impression of the threatening rain and then we had to run!
On our return to the mainland we decided to give "Belvedere" an enseble of a chapell and old farm buildings a try, where we had the possibility to get under cover should the rain start again, but the rain was done with us for the day and so we could paint undisturbed.
As I tend to, I painted an "L" and did not notice until itwas pointed out to me....
I did not leave any white on the head wall of the chapell, I cut off the roof and the corners of the building and did not let it go over it as it really does,... too much wrong with this one...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grado 3

On our third day in grado we woke up to rain. Luckily the owner of our hotel has a son who owns a hotel in the center of town and so we were allowed to go up to a coverd terrace on the roof and had a lovely view over the old town out towards the laguna.
Around lunchtime the rain had stopped so we drove to Aquilea and spent the afternoon there. I decided to stick with my graphic work and did a quick impression of the baptism chapel and then some more sketches outside.

OK, I know, I am not supposed to divide the sky but I just love this combination of two complimentary colors (as could be seen before).

Monday, October 4, 2010

Grado 2

We spent the morning of the second day at the inner harbour, painting the fishing boats. It was fun trying to capture all the paraphrenelia on the boats.
The afternoon found us in the old part of the town again, where we painted the tower of the duomo. In the watercolor the tower is a bit curvy so I tried again in ink:

Well, it is quite a bit dominating, but this quick sketch was fun.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


At the beginning of September I had the chance to join Albert Hofmann for a week in Grado. We were only a small group and the atmosphere was very relaxed, as was I. For me it also meant a step forward in painting, which even I realized and not only the others commented on. Maybe being able to admit to myself that I had learned something and my paintings were so much better than the ones I did one year ago in the Waldviertel was the success of this week. We spent the first morning at the lagune of Grado, painting fisherboats. I started out with a watercolor and then decided to change to a more graphic style, something I really enjoy lately.

After lunch we returned to the old part of Grado and did a quick sketch with coal and pastell. I did not bring any fixative (as did none of the others) and so a lot rubbed off. Still, I think it shows some of the spontaneity of the moment.
Trying to capture the image in watercolor on ingres paper did not turn out as I wanted, so I turned it into a more graphic work with indian ink. Albert added the lantern and his stamp of approval.
While I realize that I have quite a way to go, I am finally more confident. I know that there will be paintings that will not work and hours of frustration to come, but now I have also experienced success. Success I saw and felt and not only was told so by others. Why can I not accept and believe it, when others say positive things about my work?