Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do I have a chance?

This year I finally took the plunge and rented a field. It was supposed to be planted with vegetables, leaving a small space which I could plant whatever I wanted myself. As only 4 people were interested in the fields, we got the area for free, but nothing was planted by the farmer. What to do with 48 m² of field?
I got access to my part of the field two days before I left for a week and once I was back home it was raining every day. Thursday was a dry day and as I would leave again over a three day weekend I got busy and planted the fava beans which I had raised on my windowsill. I also put a lot of seeds in the ground, which I lovingly raked and left in pristine condition.
Well, a week of rain washed away a lot of work! As I will leave again next Wednesday I wanted to check on my seeds and also buy and plant some tomatos, as the ones on my windowsill are coming along nicely, I am afraid, the season will be over before they even bloom!
I hardly reached my area (our "gardens" are in the middle of a large field to discourage strangers helping themselves to our vegetables) as the rain has made the field nearly impossible to cross. I worked in socks and looked for my garden shoes on my way back to the car....
I gave some support to my beans, planted the tomatoes and two green zucchini plants I bought and also put more seeds into the ground.

I have some area free still and this will be home to the tomatoes growing on my windowsill an the three jalapenoes I got from all the seeds I tried to grow.Tomorrow and all next week it is supposed to rain again. My next chance to check on things is June 7th. Will there be more signs of growth, or will everything have drowned?