Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knitting and Cooking

When I started this blog I thought about it's name and decided to name it after the things I most enjoy doing. I posted some quilts, many paintings but never any photos of meals I cooked. So when I baked a "Mohnstrudel" two weeks ago, I finally took photos.
My kitchen is not yet finished (any tips for lottery numbers ;-)) I only have a tiny oven and had to fight to get the whole thing onto the baking sheet. It did not hurt the taste at all.
While I still paint (I am on a virtual trip to England right now, had a weekend workshop and will leave on a trip to tuscany in 10 days) I mostly knit. I had hoped to finish the cardigan which is the second part of a twin set I wanted to take along. While the back is finished and the sleeves are at the point where I start the raglan decrease, there are still the parts for the front to knit, putting it together,... there is just not enough time!
This was fun to knit quickly finished. I am really looking forward to wearing it together with the cardigan.

Knitters will probably recognise this one. I am one of thousands of knitters who made the february lady sweater. I am absolutely in love with it and started a second one with a very thin fine yarn, but that one has to wait for the cardigan to get finished.

Next time, I'll show some paintings again!