Saturday, January 30, 2010

Be carefull what you wish for

Life is what happens when you have other plans. After returning from Styria the pre Christmas madness struck and it was all I could do to keep up with work and Cathy Johnsons journaling class I had joined. With 94 members there was so much traffic in the group that I could hardly keep up. My journaling got so personal that I did not want to share online, so there are hardly any pages on flickr.

Once I was on leave over Christmas I tried to figure out what I had achieved last year and where I wanted to go with drawing and painting in 2010. One major thought was "I have to slow down!"

On December 29 I fell, broke my right upper arm near the sholder and am still on sick leave. I finally could start therapy and hope to regain the full range of movement with my right arm. Right now most things hurt and my therapist is trying to get my muscles to relax again. They tightend up totaly to stabilise my sholder, which makes any movement very painfull.
I did a bit of journaling and writing with my left hand (that got a lot of old emotional school stuff to mind and I had rip roaring fights in my mind with my inner critic and every person of authority who ever said anything about my writing!). As soon as possible I got back to working with my right hand!

Next Friday I'll take off on a virtual trip to the beach with Laure Ferlita and I figured I'd better dust off my watercolors and brushes and get into painting again. So I spent some time this afternoon at the arboretum in Schönbrunn, where the camelias and azaleas, orchids and numberous other plants in flower at the moment.
I will have to work with my scanner and/or camera to get a better quality of picture to put up on my blog, but I have still a week to get ready.